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Zahndent 2024 New Dental Milling Machine ZDM-5Z&ZDM-5T

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2024 New Dental Milling Machines

Two styles available
ZDM-5Z dry milling
ZDM-5T dry & wet milling in one

New design, new style, more accurate, more powerful functions while continuing the excellent stability of the old device

5-axis zirconia crown milling machines ZDM-5Z

Milling mode:dry cleaning
Millable material:Zirconia, PMMA, Wax
Product type:Crown, Coping, Bridge, Inlay/Onlay
Spindle power:1.2KW
Machine total power:1.8KW
Spindle cooling:Water
Rotation range:20000-60000
Max spindle speed:60000
Number of burs(tools) housed:6
Tool shank diameter:4
Tool change:automatic
Compatible compressed air:No water and no oil 4.5bar-8ba

dental crown machine ZDM-5Z

Water-cooled spindle

We equipped both machines with water-cooled spindles so that the powerful power of the new milling machines can be fully unleashed. It improves work efficiency while still ensuring processing accuracy.

Average miling time(Dental crown):

Zirconia 8 min- 15 min, PMMA 8min 15min, Wax 5min8min, Titanium 20minutes – 25 minutes

5-axis Dental milling machine ZDM-5T

Milling mode:Dry/Wet
Millable material:Titanium, Zirconia, PMMA Wax, Lithium disilicate
Product type:Crown, Coping, Bridge, Inlay/Onlay, Veneer, Premilledabutment, Customized abutment, Partial frameworkSurgical guide, Model, Full denture
Spindle power:2.2KW & Machine total power:2.7KW
Spindle cooling:Water
Rotation range:20000-60000
Max spindle speed:60000
Number of burs(tools) housed:12 & Tool shank diameter:6mm
Tool change:automatic Compatible compressed air: No water and no oil 4.5bar-8bar
Loadable workpiece shape: 98 discs, Glass ceramic.Pre-stored titanium rods

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Click to watch the processing video ZDM-5Z

Click to watch the processing video ZDM-5T

Manufacture in China

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