What do we produce?

Our main products is CAD CAM dental zirconia block, PMMA discs, PEEK discs, dental 3D scanner and introral scannner, etc

Our HT, ST, SHT white preshaded zirconia disc, ST, SHT, 3D Pro multialyer zirconia blocks are sold all over the world, Among them, our 3D Pro multilayer zirconia blocks has won unanimous praise from customers in Russia, Europe and United Ststes.

Intraoral scanner

Our factroy

Zhejiang Zahndent Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, which is an excellent supplier that provides raw materials for domestic and international dental product distributors and dental labs.  We work cautiously and conscientiously in the field of the zirconia block for more than 10 years.

zirconia block factory process
zirconia block factory process 4
zirconia block factory process 1
zirconia block factory process 2

Why choose us?

1. High Quality and CE Certified Prouducts

2. Marketing Support, provide our customer marketing with pictures and videos

3. Logistics distribution scope covers all over the world, reduce customs issue

4. Distributor Support, Four Website supporting customers to expanding Zahndent brand for distributor customers

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Customer high praise

About Zahndent

Zahndent is a well-known dental material brand in Europe and Middle East.  We offer a range of dental products and services, including zirconia blocks, PMMA discs, 3D dental scanners and intraoral scanners. Zirconia blocks are high-quality materials used in dentistry for the fabrication of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and implant abutments. These blocks are made of zirconium dioxide, a biocompatible material that is strong, durable, and resistant to wear and fracture.

Zahndent’s zirconia blocks are designed to provide excellent translucency, color stability, and precision fit, ensuring that dental restorations look natural and blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. They are compatible with a range of CAD/CAM systems, making it easy for dental professionals to create custom restorations quickly and accurately.

Zahndent also offers intraoral scanners and 3D dental scanners. These scanners use advanced technology to create highly accurate digital impressions of a patient’s teeth, eliminating the need for messy traditional impressions. The digital data can be used to design and fabricate restorations with great precision and speed.

Zahndent, we commit to shaping the dental future.