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Zahndent's best-selling product - dental zirconia blocks

With both aesthetics and strength performance indicators, it is the first choice for cosmetic tooth restoration. Various zirconia grinding discs available (white, colored, multi-layer)

Zahndent's best-selling product - Peek disc

PEEK has excellent mechanical strength and durability and is a lightweight material that contributes to denture comfort, making it a reliable material for dentures, frameworks, and implant components. At the same time, peek has good color stability, ensuring they maintain a natural and consistent color.

Zahndent's best-selling product - Pmma disc

PMMA has good biocompatibility and oral safety and is widely used in making dentures. It also mimics the appearance of natural teeth and is extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Zahndent's Hot product - Wax disc

Wax disc using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure precision and accuracy. Widely used in crown and bridge manufacturing, denture settings, etc. Compatible with various dental milling machines and dental equipment.

Zahndent's Hot Product -lithium disilicate blocks

lithium disilicate blocks shine in terms of aesthetics, making them a preferred option for highly visible anterior restorations.If achieving a natural and lifelike appearance in your dental work is a top priority, lithium ceramics may be the perfect fit.

Zahndent's Hot Product - press ingots

If you’re looking for an economical option without compromising on aesthetics, press ingots are a cost-effective ingotscan provide excellent aesthetics at a lower price point, making them a practical option for patients who prioritize budget considerations.

What else do we have

Intraoral scanner

ZD-P3 Intraoral scanner Efficient Treatment Experience Reproduce the real state of teeth

Dental scanner

ZD3D-3F fast scanning enables labs to do more with fewer steps and in less time.

Milling Machine

Dental laboratory milling machine designed to cut ceramics, zirconia, alloys, resins, PMMA and other materials

sintering furnace

Fast Zirconia Sintering Furnace. With High Purity Elema Technology, it heats to 1530°C in just 20 minutes, completing the entire crystallization process in 40 minutes to 1 hour..


The application of the latest light uniformity algorithm raising the light informity up to more than 92%. With an anti-aliasing algorithm, the anti-aliasing effect is signifi-cantly enhanced, bringing more details to the miniatures.

CAD/CAM End Mills

We use true contour diamond coatings and 100% control on all drill bits and cutters to achieve unique tool life and performance, even in the smallest sizes

Why Choose us?

Who is zahndent?

Zahndent is committed to providing high quality products to dental laboratories and dental clinics.
 We use the best raw materials, and we inspect product quality at every step to maintain quality stability. Zahndent currently has dealers all over the world.
Our popular products are restorative materials including zirconia blocks, PMMA disks, dental instruments including intraoral scanners, 3D dental scanners and other materials for dental laboratories and dental clinics

Why choose zahndent?

We have established a stable supply chain to ensure the rapid delivery of our products to various parts of the world. Our supply chain management team possesses professional knowledge and is capable of addressing various challenges.

We value customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and meet your needs.

Why is zahndent so popular?

Zhejiang Zandeng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, is an excellent supplier dedicated to providing CAD CAM raw matierials for dental product distributors and dental labs worldwide.

Zahndent have a very professional sales team that will go to various important exhibitions around the world. We strictly demand ourselves and at the same time help our agents develop quickly and grow together.

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