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3D-Pro-ML Zirconia Block

The strength of 800Mpa-1200Mpa is naturally gradual, the incisal is flexible, and the cervical is strong. The abrasion performance of the finished tooth is close to that of natural tooth enamel, which perfectly restores the chewing function of the tooth

HT Plus Zirconia Block​

Zahndent HT zirconia block is an economical one but also 40% of good transparency and very excellent bending strength. This kind of zirconia disc also is valuable materail for long bridge, full crown and suitable for all CAD/CAM and manual system.

ST Zirconia Block

This combination enables a maximum variety of indications for the fabrication of monolithic and anatomically reduced single-tooth and bridge restorations. The soft material quality of the discs positively affects the lifetime of the milling tools and ensures effortless separation and postprocessing.

SHT Zirconia Block

It combines the good block-out characteristics with high brightness value and optimally adjusted translucency achieving outstanding esthetics for both anterior and posterior full contour restorations. The good mechanical properties enable a wide range of indications.

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