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PMMA Disc & PEEK Disc & WAX Disc​

PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic polymer with good mechanical properties, chemical stability and biocompatibility, which is closer to human bone than pure titanium and is important for improving the long-term success of implants.  Studies have confirmed that PMMA is superior to pure titanium in terms of cytotoxicity, post-implant-induced inflammatory response, and biocompatibility.

Dental Bur

Our dental laboratory tools contain dental burs, pindex drills, milling tools and CAD/CAM end mills. They are all made from high quality tungsten carbide with precise tolerance in conformity with ISO standards. We also produce zirconia ceramic dental burs, which are most suitable for trimming acrylic, resin, plaster, etc.

End Mill

Our solid carbide end mills, compatible with mainstream CAD/CAM machines or systems, are good choice for trimming zirconia porcelain, titanium, cobalt-chromium alloy, PMMA, etc. Depending on trimmed material, we recommend different coating. While DC coating are for trimming zirconia, TiAlN coating is targeted at metals, and CrN coating is especially suitable for PMMA.

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