WAX Disc

1. Good machinability
2. Less thermal residual
3. No defrmation



Metling point: 110-115℃(DSC )
Density: 0.89-0.93g/cm³
Hardness:45-55(Shore hardness)
Linear Expansion:0.50%
Thermal decomposition residue: <0.3%
Antistatic: Yes
Component: Polyethylene Wax,Polyethylene ,Pigment

Milling Wax Mold of Tooth
Crown & Bracket


  • Easier to process- Low resin content, cutting without
    bonding knife.
  • More environmentally friendly- No harmful dust and
    odour. Better match- It can beused with common
    investment materials in the market. Better effect- No
    deformationafter cutting, no burrs.
  • Higher success rate- Small thermal expansivity,
    greatly improve the success rate.


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