3D Dental printer Cubejet Pro



Technical Spec:

Technology : LCD Light Curing

Light Source : 405 nm UV LED

Printer Size : 330* 330* 500 mm

Slicer& Connection : 3DTALK Slicer, U disk, WiFi

Build Volume: (X*Y*Z) : 134*84*130 mm

Control : 5-inch touch screen

XY Resolution : 3840*2400 px (6.23-inch Mono Screen)

File Format : 3D Format: stl, stp, step, 3dm, wrl etc

Printing Speed : Max 50 mm/h

Printing Precision : 30 μm

Working Temp : 22°C ~ 28°C /71°F-82°

Printing platform : Detachable porous metal printing platiorm

Power Input : AC110/220V 50/60Hz 100W

Resin Vat : Recyclable resin vat

Z-axis Resolution : 0.6μm(Thickness: 0.016 mm, 0.025 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm)

Enclosed : Anti-dust, Anti-static

Cooling System : Air Cooling System, Screen life up to 5000 h

LCD Design : Modular design for effiffifficient replacement

Printing Resin : Ortho resin, model resin, crystal resin, gum resin, casting resin etc. Compatible with NEXA3D KeyTray. KevGuide. KeySplint Soti KeyModel Ultra etc.


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