Intraoral Scanner ZDR2

  • Stable accuracy
  • No laser radiation
  • High precision



1.The maximum frame rate of 3D reconstruction is 14 frames/s

2.The camera resolution is 1.3MP CMOS, Pixel size: 4.8 μm

3.Maximum scanning speed: ≥80mm/s

4.Automatic brightness adjustment, weight 240g

5.Scanner is fully enclosed, no built-in fan, reduce dust liquid into the machine failure, reduce the risk of cross infection

6.Stable accuracy, no need for regular calibration

7.Mouth scanning light source is LED, no laser radiation

8.Antifogging mode of scanning head: self-heating scanning head, fast heating, accurate temperature control, low power consumption

9.Data export format: OBJ/STL/PLY


Model : ZDR2
Scope of reconstruction : 14x14x15 mm
Scann accuracy Single crown≤ 15 μm, full arch ≤ 30 μm
Depth of the scanning : ≥ 30000 h
Max scanning speed : ≥ 80 mm/s
Camera resolution : 1.3MP CMOS
Frame rate of 3D reconstruction : 14 FPS
Pixel size : 4.8 μm
Weight : 240 g
Data format : OBJ, STL, PLY
Scanner data line : 1.5 m
USB Cable : 0.7 m


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