Intraoral Scanner ZD-IOS2

  • Economic
  • Efficiency
  • Elegant



Combining these three qualities makes it easy to integrate our intraoral scanners into your workflflow. With quality in mind when designing, we created an intraoralscanner to add value to your clinic. Regardless of the degree of specialization, Zahndent dental scanners can ensure that professional needs are met, workflflows are optimized and flflexibility is ensured.


The open system for integrating CAD/CAM workflflow allows to export STL fifiles for easy fifile transfer, thereby optimizing collaboration

Impressive Speed

Intelligent scanning detection algorithm with two high-speed cameras can acheive fast and efficient intra oral scanning


Powder is no longer required in most routine cases, allowing a seamless scanning process and increasing patient comfort


High Accuracy:

Technical Spec

Model : ZD-IOS1
Size of scan header : 102*42*34.8 mm
Size of scan window : 17.6*17.2 mm (L*W)
Light Source : Blue LED
Color mode : Vivid color
Vision Size : 14*13 mm
DOF : 0-15 mm
Data Interface : USB 3.0
Data output format : STL or OBJ


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