5-Axis milling machine SDM5T

  • Open controller system
  • Intelligent processing
  • High Accuracy
  • High Efficiency
  • OEM customize
  • Double side support at A and B axis



SDM5T is a 5-Axis dry-milling and wet-milling machine for dental CAD/CAM system with wide range of materials, featuring high accuracy, durable stability and excellent compatibility. It is an ideal choice for high-precision restorations including bridges, frames, splint, abutment, base and complicated operations like zirconia perforation. Equipped with premium spindle, imported core parts, smart CAM nesting system and intelligent touch screen, SDM5T offffers betier disc handling, wider material capabilities, automatic tool change to deliver a higher efficiency.

Key features:

1.Open controller system

This system supports international ISO standard G code, compatible with popular CAM sotiware, such as HyperDent, SUM3D MillBox, GO2dental, WorkNC dental ,Delcam Dental etc.

2.Intelligent processing

Excellent and simple man-machine interface, touch screen control, simple operation, unique CAD/CAM processing strategy, no need for professional CNC programmers, one-bution operation, stable operation.

3.High Accuracy

The body structure adopts the industrial standard cast iron and cast aluminum structure, high rigidity, no deformation, stable precision, long service life. The mechanical transmission part adopts Taiwan/Germany C3 grade high precision ball screw and P grade linear guide rail.

4.Double side support at A and B axis

Strong rigidity, the tool does not rebound during high intensity cuting.

5.High Efficiency

It adopts high power frequency conversion and high speed tool changing spindle with large torque, high precision, and it can process various materials with high efficiency.

6.OEM customize

This machine is completely developed and designed by us, so we can provide customers with OEM service.

Technical Spec

Millable material : Titanium, Zirconia, Wax, PMMA
CNC controller : 5 axis dental system with touch screen
Milling mode : Dry/Wet
Spindle power : 1500 W
Speed of spindle : 3000-60000 RPM/min
Spindle cooling : Water cooled
X/Y/Z axis motor : 400 W servo motor
A/B axis motor : 100 W with High precision slope gear reducer
Rotation range : A axis ± 360°,B axis ± 25°
Number of burs(Tools) housed : 14 pcs
Atiachable bur(tool) : Shank diameter 4 mm, Length 45 mm
Tool change and check : Fully automatic
Compatible compressed air : 0.6 MPa
Loadable workpiece shape : External Diameter 98 mm, Max. height 25 mm, Min. height 10 mm
External dimensions (LxWxH) : 890*700*1590 mm
Packing dimension : 1050X850X1850 mm
N.W/G.W : 380 kg/440 kg
Input Voltage : Single-phase 220V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Control command set : NC code
Positioning accuracy : ±0.02 mm
Average milling time(Dental crown) : Zirconia 6-10 min, Wax 3-6 min, PMMA 12 min
Product type : Coping/Crown, Inlay/Onlay, Brige, Veneer, Premilled abutment, Customized abutment,Partial framework, Surgical guide, Model, Full denture


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